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7 outstanding benefits

DTX7 is a full body balance nutritional supplement that can help you

  • -Detox
  • -Lose weight
  • -Boost your energy

Discover how our one step detox product does it all.


  • 1.-Oxygen
  • 2.-Hydrogen
  • 3.-Silica
  • 4.-Amino acids
  • 5.-Electrolytes
  • 6.-L-carnitine
  • 7.-Trace minerals



Body balance + Energy

Key elements

  • Caffeine- Peak your cognitive and physical performance.
  • Taurine- Improve your mental focus, decrease muscle damage and increase oxygen uptake.


Innovative alternative to energy drinks that lack nutritional value

  • -Sugar-free
  • -No sugar crash
  • -Same caffeine effects plus nutritional value
  • -Pocket size

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New technology in nutrition can become your best business opportunity today.

Our Approach to You

We place great value in our affiliate marketers and we want to make sure that you’re in a position to profit with minimal headaches and hassle.
We’ve done extensive groundwork to provide you with a pair of products in DTX7 and DTX8 that are both completely ready for market – all you need to do is sell them!
You don’t need to worry about product development, packaging, website content and hosting and the rest of the boring minutiae that comes with running a business.
All you need to focus on is selling!

This is why you should become a DTX Club Partner today – it’s never been easier to open the door to a new opportunity, so what are you waiting for?

Here’s just a taste of what a membership gives you:

  • Support – We’re totally committed to helping you with any of your queries or questions about the product or the most efficient sales methods.
  • Quality – As a member you get the right to sell a high quality product that has been made with only the best ingredients, for premium results.
  • Tracking – Membership grants you access to your own personal website and virtual office to track your sales, contact potential members and access marketing material.
  • Enrichment – Aside from financial profit, you’ll be giving back to your community, helping people lead healthy, happy lives while enjoying your own freedom.

These are just some of the benefits however! The full list is far too comprehensive to provide here, so if you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Membership Plans With our various pricing plans you can be sure that you can find the perfect membership plan for your budget and your circumstances. This is an investment in yourself and in your future success, so be brave!


$59.95 +tax (if applicable) + shipping


  • 2 Bottles of DTX7 and/or DTX8
  • 20% Discount on future purchases
  • Professional website
  • Personal Business Tracker
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$135.95 +tax (if applicable) + shipping


  • 5 Bottles of DTX7 and/or DTX8
  • 25% Discount on future purchases
  • Professional website
  • Personal Business Tracker
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$399.95 +tax (if applicable) + shipping


  • 16 Bottles of DTX7 and/or DTX8
  • 30% Discount on future purchases
  • Professional website
  • Personal Business Tracker
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