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7 outstanding benefits

DTX7 is a full body balance nutritional supplement that can help you

  • -Detox
  • -Lose weight
  • -Boost your energy

Discover how our one step detox product does it all.


  • 1.-Oxygen
  • 2.-Hydrogen
  • 3.-Silica
  • 4.-Amino acids
  • 5.-Electrolytes
  • 6.-L-carnitine
  • 7.-Trace minerals



Body balance + Energy

Key elements

  • Caffeine- Peak your cognitive and physical performance.
  • Taurine- Improve your mental focus, decrease muscle damage and increase oxygen uptake.


Innovative alternative to energy drinks that lack nutritional value

  • -Sugar-free
  • -No sugar crash
  • -Same caffeine effects plus nutritional value
  • -Pocket size

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How to make money

DTX CLUB is the motivation you've been looking for to keep focused and on track on your way to success.

With two high-quality products , DTX7 and DTX8 , you can achieve the lifestyle you desire, if you are willing to do the work.

Learn here the incentives you can have access to once you join our team.

1.-Retail sales

Buy at wholesale up to 30% off retail price, and sell at retail and keep the difference.

2.-Online retail sales

All members get a professional web site. You can sell retail all day long.

3.-Social circle rewards

This bonus is paid on all new membership pack sales (Sales Valume) and any additional purchases made within 30 days, It also includes retail sales to non-members, You earn a commission on any membership packs you sell based on your membership category. It pays commissions down to three social circles (three levels).

  • 40% circle 1
  • 7% circle 2
  • 7% circle 3

4.-Residual 20%

Pays you commission on recurring purchases after 30 days. This is called residual sales volume RSV. You get 20% of all RSV generated in your social circle 1 (personally sponsored members purchases after 30 days). This incentive is paid monthly.

5.-Independent business partner

Become qualified for Business Partner SINGLE STAR and earn up to 10% residual on all your entire group RSV (Residual Sales Volume) down to infinity or to the next member how is qualified to single star, double star or triple star.

This is also called generations.

6.-Profit sharing pool 7%

Amazing bonus pool where you can share a GIANT 7% of the company nationwide residual sales volume. (RSV)

When you become Triple Star qualified, you have the opportunity to participate in a nationwide profit sharing pools: President's Pool.

7.-Life style bonus pool 3%

Qualify to receive a share of a 3% bonus POOL from the Sales Volume generated by new sales and recurring sales combined. The profits of this pool are split evenly among everyone who is qualified. It accumulates every 3 months, and it paid every 3 months.

8.-Free product for life program

For every 3 new members you sign up, you get a free bottle of DTX7 or DTX 8. Also, if you keep at least 5 retail customers who purchase 1 bottle per month, you get a free bottle each month, all you pay is the shipping cost.

Consider your health as a strong foundation to success. And not only you. Think about your relatives, friends, coworkers... everybody wants to be healthy and earn more money.
DTX CLUB offers you a great opportunity in a booming and promising market.


Become part of the next generation of home based businesses!


$59.95 +tax (if applicable) + shipping


  • 2 Bottles of DTX7 and/or DTX8
  • 20% Discount on future purchases
  • Professional website
  • Personal Business Tracker
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$135.95 +tax (if applicable) + shipping


  • 5 Bottles of DTX7 and/or DTX8
  • 25% Discount on future purchases
  • Professional website
  • Personal Business Tracker
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$399.95 +tax (if applicable) + shipping


  • 16 Bottles of DTX7 and/or DTX8
  • 30% Discount on future purchases
  • Professional website
  • Personal Business Tracker
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